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Search Engine Optimisation

On-Page Optimisation, and Back-Links Done Properly...
While search optimisation has changed over the years, the fundamentals remain the same. The healthiest, fastest website won't rank well on Google without links from other websites. Google remains the most popular search engine in the western world, and this is primarily due to how advanced it's search algorithms are. Taking advantage of the 200 plus factors that Google relies on to rank websites on it's search results pages, is the cornerstone of good SEO, and delivers valuable organic search visitor traffic. If you're not on the 1st page of Google, you're not in business.
DailyDigital.Media specialises in providing a comprehensive SEO service that drives targeted keyword rankings as high as possible.

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The Pillars Of Search Engine Optimisation

What makes for a brilliant SEO campaign? What results in tons of organic search traffic?

SEO is a long term strategy and has many moving parts:

  • Keyword Research
    Finding the best search queries to match your ideal audience.
  • Website Auditing
    Identifying issues and hindrances of your website.
  • Meta-Data Optimisations
    Providing your site with optimised meta-data for search engines.
  • Website Optimisations
    From improving speed, through to improving user experience.
  • Link Building
    Increasing off-page popularity, and improving your website's authority.
  • Reporting and Benchmarking
    Taking the extra time to go forensic, rinse and repeat!

What you need to know about Search Engine Optimisation:

Before choosing your SEO provider here is some candid guidance.

Don't get sold the link detox scare campaign!

The concept of dangerous links or toxic links is real. And the SEO industry was forced to clean up it's act after Google started penalising sites. However, anyone claiming that a link detox is going to get you from the 3rd page of Google to 1st place should be avoided. A small dip in rankings is more likely due to not having built any good back-links than having dangerous ones causing you problems.

Web developer's are the reason SEO still exists!

Unfortunately, there are loads of half competent developers purporting to be god-like geniuses. And even the ones that build and design beautiful websites leave gapping holes for SEO professionals to fix. That's why we do what we do. Developer's handle the challenge of getting your website to look and function as you desire, but that often isn't with Google search engines in mind.

SEO is not applied like a paintbrush

Your success in getting to the 1st page of Google won't come from a lick of new paint. The healthiest cleanest fastest website still needs more than just on-page optimisation. Additionally, on-page optimisation needs to happen over a reasonable course of time to work with how the website scales and changes over time. Additionally search engines don't typically react overnight, so long-term optimisation is a necessity.

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With Ireland's Best Digital Marketing

We love search marketing, social engagement, and display advertising. We're seasoned experts in delivering engaged online audiences.


The Irish Times

We work closely with the Irish Times and their executive recruitment portal. For the Irish Times we manage their AdWords search advertising, and successfully grow online registrations, and job applications month on month.

Joe Duffy Group

Ireland's largest car motor dealership network. More than 11 car franchises across Ireland, and some of the best search advertising & re-marketing ever. Period.

Cruise Paradise

Ireland's best cruise holiday specialist. More cruise ship holiday deals, and a legion of loyal customers. Constantly making us wish we were in the Caribbean.

MyClinic.ie Online Doctors

MyClinic offers online doctor and prescription services. MyClinic has been one of our favourite success stories, and a great example of where even the most well built website will always some off-page optimisation. The result? Fantastic 1st page rankings on Google Ireland.

The Outdoor Scene

Ireland's biggest outdoor lifestyle showroom. Because in Ireland, when the sun eventually shines, you need friends with a barbecue, and some rattan garden furniture.

Independent News & Media

Ireland's most trusted new media organisation. We've manage various auxiliary marketing campaigns for Ireland's most popular news website. We are exclusively charged with driving the app downloads for the various Irish Independent mobile news service products.


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