Selling SEO – Is It Important To Business?


The following is a top level rationale of search marketing as a synergised part of a business’s complete marketing plan.

Website-contentSearch Engine Marketing is an interesting service to pitch to businesses. The attitude that ‘if you build it, they will come’ rarely applies to websites. Unless your website is openly discussing something especially unique and sort after, chances are – they won’t come. The value in a Search Engine Marketing strategy should therefore become more apparent. Unfortunately for many SEOs the consideration of search engines as a marketing channel comes after the build of an expensive website. A not search-optimised website.

SEO is an investment, not a cost:

Having prime keyword ranking positions (1st – 3rd) that are product or service specific is like buying and building your business premises in the best possible location for foot-traffic. Not having these ranking positions is like owning a Pub next to a water fountain in the middle of the Sahara desert.

Make SEO emotional more so than technical:

Think about the value of SEO from a business owners perspective. They are likely already quite emotional about ‘their’ business and just as likely their competition. You’re not in a position to guarantee or sell 1st place ranking positions for a particular keyword in Google search results. But, you are in a position to educate your client on the benefits & realities of SEO and how without it, in the long term – their competition has already won.

Integrate SEO and the overall Marketing Mix:

Any business with a strategic marketing plan or one that runs seasonal marketing campaigns needs to have SEO and keyword campaigns regularly tailored and updated to be consistent with the overall marketing mix. Don’t risk resting on your laurels when a business has new products being launched, upcoming events and special announcements that can and must be incorporated into your SEO activities.


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