SEO-What Do We Do Anyway?

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When striking up a conversation about our job as SEOs or digital marketers, it takes a while to explain what we really do. There’s a lot involved and there are no two days when our jobs are the same. Precisely, this is what keeps our work so interesting and enjoyable. Read on to find out exactly what our job entails and find out about (some of) the things we do on a daily basis.

Phase 1- Website Health Audit

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We conduct an entire website health check, taking note of any hinderances and problems which Google may dislike. Google ranks your website by means of giving it a Quality Score and this depends on many aspects. For example, Google, in an effort to maintain content fresh, appealing and relevant, will penalize your website for duplicate content. Next we identify any site speed and server response issues. Does your website load fast enough? A visitor will not have the patience to wait for your site if it loads slower than 3 seconds, and may abandon it, compromising potential sales/conversions. Content hierarchy is also very important and Google pays close attention to the structure of your website. Aside from the ramifications for navigation and user experience, how webpages are linked to one another will have a direct impact on search engine optimization. As part of an SEO campaign, we provide strategic advice on how to best ensure that the website structure translates for Google crawling and indexing.

Phase 2- On-Page/Off-Page SEO

While mostly technical, on-page SEO improvements ensures the client’s website is crawled and indexed by Google, while at the same time providing the Google search engine all the appropriate signals that promote printer product related keyword authority. The following on-page SEO issues and challenges are always addressed:

-Analyzing relevant search query trends in Ireland and identifying keywords that closely match the best search user intent for you as a client. For example, if you have a furniture shop we would pay close attention to keywords such as ‘furniture shop Ireland’, ‘the best furniture shop in Dublin’ etc.

-Evaluation of how search engines are indexing key webpages.

-Identifying webpages that shouldn’t be indexed, and avoiding duplication issues.

-Deployment of optimized webpage meta-data, page titles, canonicalization, leveraging internal linking, and improving webpage content.
-Image meta-data optimization. Google cannot detect images in the same way as it does written content. For Google, an image is a blank box, so we must tell it what is in an image by adding Alt text tags. That way, if Google sees that an image is relevant to your content, your site Quality Score will improve.

-Optimize page headings and sub-headings for search engines and improve readability. This has a double purpose: Google likes to see keywords and well-structured content, and a user will more easily navigate through your content and remember the key topics based on those headings. General content and language improvements are a must in this phase, such as replacing acronyms and using appealing, professional, persuasive, top-notch writing techniques. We create a Google Spreadsheet with individual columns that pay attention to: Page Title, Headings (1,2,3), Content under each heading, Meta-Title, Meta-Description, Meta-Call-to-Action. This task ensures that every inch of your website is optimized.

-Analysis of mobile-friendly SEO issues including mobile speed, mobile device font size scaling issues, navigation issues and beyond.

-Monitoring search engine keyword rankings across both desktop and mobile SERPs, as well as destination webpage performance.

Off-page SEO is conducted in order to promote our client. We publish news and blog content via social bookmarking sites to extend our client’s visibility. Another crucial task is back-linking. Back-linking in particular is one of the most time-consuming, yet rewarding tasks in our hands. It is like trying to make friends across the Internet and to build these links takes much time and effort. Imagine meeting a new person and telling them about yourself. This leads to a friendship and a first impression is always important. back-linking, SEO back linkLikewise, every time we establish a back-link, we must introduce your website and what your business in about with meticulous care and consideration to highlight the best aspects of your business in order to get a link approval. The result is that we create long-lasting, strong relationships, or back-links. We aim to identify sponsorship opportunities such as leveraging partnership opportunities through back-links from clients, suppliers, partners. For example, a valuable back-link could be to have your website be advertised on reliable and well-known directory website such as or Disavowing toxic/dangerous back-links is also a crucial part of our off-page SEO campaign. We make sure that a client’s site is not linked to spammy, illegal or suspicious sites. Think of these as bad friends, likely to ruin your reputation. Google verifies your ‘friends’ and this has a significant impact on the Quality Score of a client’s site. Evaluating and addressing the impacts of search engine algorithm changes & updates.

Phase 3- Going Live

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We deploy of on-page optimizations on the live site and analyze how these changes contribute to website performance. Everything is an on-going process that never stops. Writing creative blog content and keeping content fresh will entice visitors and keep them interested. We also engage with your audience on social media in a unique way. We believe that establishing loyal and genuine relationships with a customer base will have a long-lasting effect. Telling compelling stories about your product/service is our trademark and it is with this strategy in mind that we have increased out clients’ fan and audience base immensely. When on social media, people are not looking to buy a product, but rather they’d like to learn something useful in their own lives. The spread of brand awareness and creating a buzz about your business is the main aim of social media.

“Social media is about the people. Not about your business. Provide for the people and the people will provide for you.” – Matt Goulart (Founder of #2 best digital marketing agency in Canada, Ignite Digital)

We dedicate much time to optimizing and improving landing pages for particular target audiences. Presentation is key and if a customer can easily, pleasantly and seamlessly navigate through your website, they are more likely to stay.

Phase 5: Evaluating, Analyzing, Reporting

website analysis, web reportsWe evaluate successes and reporting every month on website performance on Using various analytics tools, we monitor keyword rankings, website position on the Google search results page, and ensure that your website is always visible and available Google constantly has algorithm search engine changes (for example FRED) and it is our job to be up to date with them. We rinse and repeat the phases outlined routinely so that your website stays both Google and user friendly.

All About The Client

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As a business, do you always strive to meet and exceed your customers’ expectations? Well, as our client, we also aim to do the same for you! To trigger organic performance, we work with you very closely to identify and understand your target audience. Next we monitor how your target audience engages with media and we write content that is most likely capture your audience’s attention, therefore improving the likelihood of a lead/conversion/sale. We have worked with clients across so many industries, such as automotives, insurance, event marketing, e-commerce, music and band promotion, new product development, home/garden furniture, household brands, travel agents and more. We understand that each industry captures a diverse audience and the way we engage with that audience, and predicting the best ways to relate to them is the cornerstone of our work and the pivot of our success. We believe in creating emotional, captivating and heartfelt content that catches the viewer’s heart and tells a story worth hearing or sharing with others.
“Whether B2B or B2C, I believe passionately that good marketing essentials are the same. We all are emotional beings looking for relevance, context and connection.” – Beth Comstock (VC of General Electric).



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