Social Media Marketing – What Makes Users Click On an Advert?


Have you ever wondered what the best social media marketing strategy is? We are all aiming to get the most clicks, shares, likes and conversions out of our advertising budgets. It would be a good idea to take your social media ads under a magnifying glass and determine if they really deserve a click. In this article, we are looking at the key factors that make social media ads stand out, from the user’s perspective. Read on to find out which ads are more persuasive and what techniques to use to entice your audience into clicking on your ads.

Relevant Content Is Key

If I’m trying to relax, aimlessly clicking from one site to another, I would say an ad that is trying to sell me ”cleaning services’’, that I’m not even slightly interested in, would definitely put me off. On the other hand, if I see an ad advertising an interesting music event in my city, I might click through to see more content, even though I wasn’t particularly searching for that information in the first place. Targeting the right audience is the crucial component of your online advertising strategy and a relevant ad is that much more tolerable to your potential customers.

Avoid Hard Sell

Do you prefer ads that jump right at you trying too hard to be noticed and obviously wanting to push a product on you? Users tend to favour ads that are more subtle at first glance, looking natural and organic, i.e. native ads. Native ads benefit from higher CTR and conversion rates, according to the search engine land. Instagram ads seem to be the absolute winners, they are extremely relevant and at the same time less disruptive, blending well with the organic content. Your advert does not have to scream ‘’buy my product’’, instead, we should focus on offering the value and putting the user first, highlighting the benefits. According to Forbes, native advertising seems to reinforce positive sentiment.

Be Personal

Another factor that is considered important is how personal the ad actually is. Can I identify with the message? Is the advert speaking directly to me? Can I relate to the experience the ad is selling? Let’s picture an ad from a recognised beer brand. Think of two images, one displaying only a bottle of beer, and the other showing a group of friends having fun, laughing and drinking beer. Which ad do you think you would find more appealing? The advert invoking the positive experience that we could relate to or the ad of an inanimate object that we have no sentiment of? Ads that are selling experiences would typically benefit from higher engagement rates.

Mute The Videos

Everyone is raving about how well the video content is doing nowadays. Do you prefer video ads to text ads? If so, do you prefer them muted or with sound? According to Wibbitz report on video consumption, 45% or participants prefer video ads to be muted (with captions). If you are creating video campaigns, it would be interesting to test and add text to muted videos to see how well they perform versus traditional video ads. I personally dislike auto-play video ads with sound, I prefer when I’m given the choice and it’s up to me to decide if I want to play them with sound or not. People might cringe in some situations when the video ad is not silent. Imagine sitting in a class and surfing the web from your smartphone when suddenly the sound is coming right out of your phone’s speakers – embarrassing to say the least!

Boost Your Organic Posts That Perform Well

Go through your social feed and identify organic posts that already have lots of positive comments, likes and shares. There is a very high chance that if you boost your post increasing the reach, you will see a significant increase in engagement. These high-performing posts are good indicators of what your audience likes and appreciates, producing similar style ads should result in more clicks and generally better results.

Promote User Generated Content

What if your entire Social Media Campaign was focused on user generated content? The audience typically engages more with content that is created by the users themselves. People place high trust in consumer opinions. It’s been reported that 90% trust peers on social networks while only 15-18% trust brands.  Millennials for example are particularly known for checking online reviews and youtube videos before making any major purchase decisions. When marketers use user generated content, with users’ permission, the campaign becomes much more personal and has higher chance of success and increased conversions. Users’ voices become powerful thumbs ups that encourage others to either try the product themselves or to be featured in the campaign (i.e. taking part in the contest to win a prize when submitting their own images of a product or selfies wearing the product etc.). If I saw an image of my friend being shared on facebook by a particular brand, I would automatically be intrigued and curious, it would encourage me to click through and see what it was all about!

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