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Search Engine Optimisation and The Google Monopoly

Need to Track Your Organic Search Engine Visibility?

Google’s recent clamp down on non-compliance with their AdWords API terms & conditions, has seen SEO tool suite providers such as Raventools & – forced to drop their amazingly useful keyword ranking & tracking data.

Search Engine Optimisation and The Google Monopoly

Thanks for the early Christmas (2012) present, Google! From one side of the coin I can see why Google would want to limit this activity & ensure quality user experience (*cough*). But more and more often, I can’t help being left with the thought that Google has it’s own agenda. I don’t have the time, influence, nor the patience to speculate any further so let’s get down to where we go from here. This article serves to help you answer the following questions: What are the best keyword tracking tools available? What can you use to track your website ranking positions on SERPs?

In January 2013 Raventools shut-down their brilliant keyword ranking tool and Ahrefs shutdown their keyword services too. This was to keep in line with the Google AdWords API. Both were scraping SERPs to get the keyword ranking data, and this activity is against Google’s terms of use. The value for Raven & Ahrefs in having access to the Google AdWords API was understandably paramount.

Raventools has moved to a new solution that doesn’t involve scraping SERPs which is detailed as part of the definitive list of keyword tracking tools below.

In the list you’ll find that some keyword tracking tools offer white-label rebranding so your clients can login and access ‘an SEO portal’, some offer great reports, some look worse than the first website I built back in ’97 with a dial-up modem. Some might not be around as long as your smart SEO-arse will be. 😉


Organic Keyword Position Tracking Tools: The Definitive List

Raven Internet Marketing Tools
Raven easily integrates with your Google Webmaster Tools search query data to provide average keyword ranking positions. This puts Raventools at the very top of the list for digital marketing tools. Especially considering the value of their Comprehensive Marketing Reports. Raventools easily tops the list as the single must-have for anyone working in SEO, Social, Content Promotion, and AdWords.

$99 USD per month – Check here for: Pricing and Free Trial for Raven Tools Packages
4 users
Unlimited marketing campaigns.
Unlimited access to 20+ SEO, social, PPC and content marketing tools.
Essentially you can track average keyword rankings positions for ALL the domains you have Google Webmaster Tools access to.

Search Ranking Positions - Tools - Reviews - Authority
$99 USD per month for
Domains: 100
Keywords: 1000
Domains: 300
Keywords: 2500

  • Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.
  • The interface can be a bit wobbly, and reports basic.
  • Turn around time for getting ranking positions for new domains is very quick.
  • quick ‘current-rankings’ pdf & .csv reports.
  • White labeling options.


keywordspy.comKeyword Spy Logo - Keyword Tracking Tools
For $89.95 USD per month
Keywords: 300
Or, For $139.95 USD (discounted) per month
Keywords: 500 & upgradeable

  • Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  • Impressive client portfolio & testimonials
  • Charts look very basic (unimpressive to clients).
  • Impressive Competitive Organic & Paid keyword benchmarking.

SEOrankmonitor - Keyword Ranking & Tracking Solutions &  
$39 USD per month
Domains: 10
Keywords: 2500

  • Cheaply priced. Charts are simple, but nice enough.
  • Great ‘Domain monitor’ feature.

Serpbuddy_logo - Ranking positions on search engines? - Reviews &      
$49.97 USD per month
Domains: 500
Keywords: 500
Or, $99.97 USD per month
Domains: 1500
Keywords: 1500

  • Google & Bing + hourly keyword ranking updates.
  • Includes PageRank & Alexa  as well as basic back-link data.

ZoomRank - Keyword ranking tools -    
$25 USD per month
Keywords: 100
+ contact us for bigger plans

  • No Free trail.
  • Interface looks ugly.
  • Their news blog has no SEO industry updates.

SEscout_logo - How are you ranking on search engines? reviews - 
$49.97 USD per month for
Domains: 500
Keywords: 500
Or $99.97 per month for
Domains: 1500
Keywords: 1500

  • White-label solution
  • Comprehensive reports in PDF & SCV
  • When I first reviewed them: There’s was a scary looking apology on their blog that doesn’t fill me with confidence. Blog seems to have disappeared now.

Organic Keyword Ranking Tools & Services - KPMRS  

Email reporting of keyword ranking positions. Apparently Free. Comments:

  • Includes a widget solution to allow your web-visitors to check their rankings.
  • Offers web design & link-building services – so data privacy / confidentiality is a concern.  – Currently redirecting to some strange news website.


SERP keyword tracking tools for organic keywords - keyword envy  
$9.95 USD per month
Domains: 2
Keywords: 100
Or, $35.95 USD per month
Domains: 8
Keywords: 400
Comments: Website looks awful. – Website is down 🙁

Serptracker logo - Keyword ranking tool review &
$39 USD per month
For unlimited domains and 250 keywords.


  • Includes Google, Bing, Yahoo.
  • Nice, simple interface & incorporates Social Signal Tracking.
  • Pricing page originally didn’t load (404 error). Rockin’ along now.

Keyword Ranking Tools & Reviews - RankRanger    
$99 USD per month for
20 domains/campaigns per package
500 keywords


  • Includes competitor rank tracking per campaign.
  • White label options, and numerous report export formats beyond .csv
  • Incorporates back-link data from and other sources.


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