Basic Quality Content Tips

A great SEO practise is ensuring your website has a blog constantly being updated with relevant, quality, colourful content.

Think of your content as an upside down pyramid. The top first section of your blog post or article has to have high impact, short, sweet, straight-to-the-point and summary-like sentences. Engage with the audience immediately. By the end, the attention of your reader has likely wained or they’re at least ready to move on.

Include internal links in your content to relevantly associated pages or products on your website. Ensure that by doing this that you link to nice, SEO-friendly category URLs. These URLs should include keywords you want to improve natural search rankings for.  This way the attention your blog article gets can transfer some ‘Google juice’ to other sections of your site.

Make sure your content includes eye-catching photo’s and or pictures. Make them as large as your CSS/site theme will accomodate. If images are not your own ensure you include an image source disclaimer under each picture with a no follow link that will also open in a new browser. This is to ensure you keep all the potential Google Juice for your own purposes/benefit and because your images sources might be from  ‘below average’ sites.

<a rel=”nofollow” href=”” target=”_blank”>source image</a>

(side-note: I went looking for a nice basic definition of ‘Google Juice‘ to discover a bewildering statement suggesting it is just a slang word for Page Rank. My personal understanding is that it is more like a strange sticky substance flowing between pages and how page rank is transferred between links.)

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