MyBlogGuest & Google’s Monopoly Myopia

broken google bot

The MyBlogGuest Penalty:

On the 19th of March 2014 – Google’s Matt Cutts announced that Google had taken action on a large guest blog network. Ann Smarty of later confirmed the penalty and commented: “The reality is, Matt Cutts is using us for the PR game: To get more people scared. We are the hugest guest blogging brand out there: He could not have got more publicity by hitting anyone else.”

The MyBlogGuest platform is a great, transparent way for blog & website owners to establish relationships with bloggers, writers, and creative types (and vice versa). It works well in the context of promoting your ideas and content to new audiences on different websites from your own. It doesn’t represent a stand-alone SEO solution, and has been targeted by practitioners of the crappier-dark-SEO-arts for quick wins.

I felt publishing great content on other websites (with a back-link) was relatively white-hat. Depending on the quality there-in. After all, post penguin and panda all I ever hear about is content, good content and content is king. Seriously? Great content has been the dull response to a question Google can’t answer. So, I tweeted my feelings regarding the MyGuestBlog penalty:


broken google bot

I don’t believe Google knows 100% what a good back-link is, from a bad spammy-back-link. The web is clunky. The great multitude of websites (especially in Ireland, and Australia) are generally terrible point to point solutions built with no regard for search engines. Are we really to believe that changes like Penguin and Panda are designed to improve search user experience, when the average search user wouldn’t know what either are?

So we are supposed to learn from the MyBlogGuest penalty that dofollow links in guest articles are spammy, and as far as Matt Cutts and his big red penalty button are concerned; they’re on the same level as paid links. But aren’t these links editorially earned? …No. Forget about citations, forget dofollow links, but don’t forget to help do Google’s job for it. The MyBlogGuest example, for all SEOs represents a clear indication that Google is suffering from a bad case of myopia or is leaning toward straight-up totalitarianism. If only there was another worthwhile search engine….

I was hell bent on venting my annoyance with this Google action, and write up some deep and meaningful blog post. But many others have already done a fantastic job – so here they are for your reading pleasure…all dofollow links too. (please tweet @jsbullockdotnet if you’d like your blog article added…)

Related Articles & The Google FUD:

“I suggest that Google needs to re-think the way it’s dealing with website owners. You want something from us (besides our money), tell us what it really is – oblique hints won’t cut it.”

“Come on Google, you can actually find the people who are violating the guidelines (you set) and burn them instead of burning the tool itself.”

“I feel like what I’ve done on My Blog Guest is right. There was nothing against Googles rules and there is nothing ethically wrong with it either.”

“People are struggling to comprehend the logic behind labeling a platform which puts together bloggers and writers as blackhat SEO.”

“Google’s recent (unwarranted) nuclear bomb attack on MyBlogGuest has left a bitter taste in the mouth and a fear that, what was a great way to gain new readers and build your authority in a niche, has been ruined by spammers.”

“In SEO it’s not what you do that matters – it’s who your client is. If you’re not working for a big brand, you’re doing it wrong.”

“Google wants editorial links and they penalize sites when links are perceived to NOT be editorial in nature…. BUT, Google takes away my editorial rights by requiring a DO follow link if I want to be part of their Google Plus Authorship system?”

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