Keywords vs Keyword Phrases

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the fundamental basis of a search engine marketing strategy. This counts for both organic search and search advertising (PPC or AdWords).

The following offers insights into how to approach keyword research. A keyword phrase map is a great place to start for your search campaign, and creating a set of keywords to target and in turn generate natural traffic from.

Essentially you want to ensure your content contains keyword phrases and not just single or two-word keyword phrases. This can be difficult either because you don’t want the site to start sounding ‘dumb’, or because there is a specific one word brand you want to target. In reality, applying a keyword phrase mentality to your content broadens your prospective chances of engaging with the reader. Otherwise you are missing opportunities to optimise your website for improved search engine visibility.

Keyword Research

SEOmoz sums it up nicely in their beginners guide to SEO:
“Another lesson search marketers have learned is that long tail keywords often convert better, because they catch people later in the buying/conversion cycle. A person searching for “shoes” is probably browsing, and not ready to buy. On the other hand, someone searching for “best price on Air Jordan size 12″ practically has their wallet out!”

Try to incorporate an FAQ within the website. It is a great place fill with all your targeted keywords and keyword phrases. Don’t forget you can ask a question with one keyword phrase and answer it with a variation or different use of the same target phrase.

Avoid using ‘our products’ or ‘our services’. This would be a lost opportunity to both sell your products and services as well as use targeted keywords. Always include what the business is about or offers instead. For example ‘our real leather iPad accessories’ or ‘our resort and spa packages’. On this advice take a look at your top level menu navigation bar and consider what’s missing.

Include the location of your services in your keyword phrases. This will ensure if the business or service is offered in a particular location that you have an improved potential to gain visitors from the best & viable location. Chances are your potential clients are actually searching for a local solution.

Find a middle ground between repetition and the ability to incorporate internal links for keyword phrases that match another page’s content. The internal page needs to offer an expansion of content related to the phrase. Or a related step in the buying process. In this regard a keyword phrase map can help determine where and when to use internal links as well as where to add plurals or -ing variations.

Then, check your keyword phrases are working! Just use Google search:
“the targeted keyword phrase”

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