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Digital Marketing Internship
End 2019 – Start 2020

If you have a keen interest in a career in digital marketing then Daily Digital is offering a short term internship program that may be suitable for you. The internship is entirely designed around giving you hands-on experience with real digital marketing campaigns. If you’re  interested in learning about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), AdWords Advertising, Analytics, Content Marketing, Social Marketing & Advertising or any of the auxiliaries that go with great Digital Marketing – then please read on, and apply below.

Hours & Details:

Hours: Flexible part-time – 1 to 3 days a week

Duration: 3 months.

Location: Dublin – Smithfield


A real passion for online marketing and a good standard of english is desirable. This is an ideal opportunity for a student studying online business or online marketing who also wants to get hands-on experience working on real digital marketing & advertising campaigns.

AdWords (Google Ads):

During this internship you will have hands-on experience working on real Google AdWords campaigns. You will be trained up and be in a fantastic position to get your Google AdWords certification.

Search Engine Optimisation:

You will learn on-page optimisation, and what makes a healthy website. You will also delve into off-page optimisation (back-link acquisition and outreach).

Search Engine Optimisation

Google Analytics:

During the internship you will be working on live advertising and marketing campaigns. With access to client analytics you will be shown how to create reports, and learn how to create action plans based on real website data.

Content Marketing:

Love writing? Learn how to publish great content on websites. You will have good english skills and learn the art of blogging and in-bound marketing. Get content published, distributed, and socially promoted!

Social Media Marketing & Advertising

Learn the latest facebook & twitter tactics for social engagement, as well as social media advertising.


You will learn how to create brilliant landing pages that help encourage online customers to purchase!

The internship is an opportunity to work on real campaigns for real clients. The work often requires patience, and sometimes repetitive work-flows. But attention to detail is a must.

The possibility of paid full-time or part-time work after completion of the internship will be based on progress and development during the internship, and is not guaranteed.


Please provide a URL link to your public linkedin profile.