Graph Search – facebook launches Social Search!

Facebook Social Media Marketing

The popoular social network, facebook, has announced a new graph search feature.

Facebook will now be able to provide personalised search results to help find places to eat, things to do, job opportunities, as well as businesses, services and much more.

All with the influence of what your friends are doing on facebook of course. As someone that has lived in a number of different cities, the concept sounds good in theory as I enjoy exploring new places, sharing those experiences and taking from friends their recommendations and the like.  Facebook’s graph search looks like an interesting new feature for 2013.

Facebook Social Media Marketing

The internet has brought the world so much closer together. Without a doubt this has generally been for the better. I was in Egypt when the Arab Spring and revolution kicked off there, and without the internet, the movement may have seen a different result and had less of the world’s attention. According to facebook the new graph search will: “…make your community feel a bit smaller, make the world feel a bit smaller.” And I like this concept. Clearly, I am a fan of facebook.

But, If they are my friends in real life why would I need graph search to tell me anything? I rely on facebook and skype to keep in touch with people allover the world, and that’s where I feel the real potential is.

Facebook’s advantage is that everyone is on it. The common Google+ line, “I deleted my facebook account ages ago!” just didn’t take off and work as effectively as they’d hoped. And where there is a monopoly, there is also opportunity.

It is also interesting to note that Facebook, this week, cut off access to it’s API that allows the likes of twitter and vine to find your friends. Why? That’s facebook’s goldmine after all.

And I quote: “LinkedIn knows your resume, Google knows your web searches, Twitter knows who you follow, Apple and Amazon have your credit card number, and your phone’s OS maker knows what apps you’ve downloaded. Who your real-life friends are, though, is Facebook’s domain.”

I have to comment that while researching and getting to know facebook’s new graph search via youtube I was forced to watch an advert that started with: “…if you have an unplanned pregnancy…” And the overly cynical review of graph search by @anniegaus on TheTechFeed offers an impressive number of user comments about her chest size. *loud sigh*

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