Facebook advertising – pay or not to pay


You don’t have Facebook so you don’t exist – they (still) say. You probably heard this somewhere so you set up this famous fan page for your business. In the end, you don’t have to pay for it. Well, you really don’t have to pay for Facebook, but you can, and sometimes you should. How? By buying paid advertisements in various forms.

Ok, but why you should pay and it is all (still) worth it? Let’s take a look at some statistics.

Is Facebook still trendy enough?

Facebook was launched in 2004 so it is quite old already. Surprisingly, still not outdated but quite the opposite. Of course, it is not the most popular social platform for the youngest people and your parents may use it but it doesn’t matter much. Facebook is still a market leader, with nearly 2.2m active users (as at July 2018). Don’t forget about Facebook Messenger – 1,3m active users.

Popular social network sites
Definitely, most of Facebook active users (95.1%) access the social network via smartphone. That is why some Facebook ads are dedicated to mobile users. Each business can benefit from a direct contact with a user thanks to Messenger or from mobile sales.

What are your options with Facebook advertising?

You have quite a few options for advertising with Facebook. There is not one best option, it all depends on what you want to achieve and which audience you are trying to reach. You can choose among:
• Photo ads – the simplest form of Facebook advertising. Don’t be too serious there – fun content gains the most shares and likes,
• Video ads – Facebook users watch over 8 billion videos or 100 million hours of videos every day. That is why videos on Facebook can be a real power. Just remember to switch off the auto-play sound and add captions in order to increase video views,
• Slideshow ads – when you don’t have time or resources to create a video ad, you can always go with an ad built from a collection of still photos/existing video clips,
• Carousel ads – you can add up to 10 photos or videos to create a carousel ad. This gives you a possibility do advert more than one product at one time, highlight the benefits of one product or create one large panorama ad (that can be really impressive!),
• Collection ads – these ads allow users on mobile devices to click and buy your products immediately,
• Instant experience ads – you can go big with a full-screen ad format and don’t worry about ad loading – it loads a dozen times faster than a mobile website outside of Facebook,
• Lead ads – do you need to collect contact details of people who can be interested in buying your product or services or collecting newsletters? Then create a lead ad with gated content. They are designed for mobile users to make it easy for people to give their contact information with a little typing,
• Dynamic ads – every business has customers who visited a product page or even placed it in their shopping cart. In order to encourage them to make a purchase use dynamic ads. They remind the potential customer to complete the purchase,
• Messenger ads – these are ads designed to appear in Messenger application. If you select “click-to-Messenger” ads you encourage users to contact you via Messenger,
• Boost your post – by paying a few euros for boosting your post you can effectively reach a bigger audience.

Do you really need to pay Facebook?

Organic Facebook posts are worth your effort as they engage your current audience but a new one will rarely see it – organic posts have a reach of about 1-2%. This is where paid averting can help you. But it is not all!

How Your business can benefit from Facebook advertising?

There are many business aims which you can achieve on Facebook. You can think about:

• Lead generation – one of the most popular strategies to gain leads on Facebook is to run a Facebook ad directly into a landing page offering free eBooks, coupons, discounts and more,
• Advanced targeting – your product can reach your specified audience. Facebook adverts can be targeted by location, job description, interests, gender, age and more,
• Build brand awareness – ideal for larger scale branding campaigns,
• Get more traffic to your website or store – you can send people to your website by using clicks to website ads objective,
• Get more app installs – it is ideal after app’s first launch to increase installs and your app store ranking at the same time,
• Get more engagement – it includes post engagements, page likes, event responses, and offer claims.
Now the best – Facebook ads are not expensive. For example, a campaign which costs you 100 EUR can last one month and bring more than a hundred likes.

Time for cons!

First, you have to pay! Except that:
• Competition – it is hard to catch user’s attention among updates from their friends and other ads. Your ads have to be creative and funny to get noticed,
• Knowledge limitations – I find Facebook business guide very limited. Facebook always suggest recommended settings when creating ads set but they can be not the most effective. It requires a good research to learn about optimal advertising sets, bids and other variables,
• A lot of time and resources required – gaining likes, maintaining Facebook ads, replaying on comments and queries take a lot of time, resources and energy. Earning likes won’t happen overnight even if you use paid advertising.


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