big data analytics

Big Data in digital world!

What is Big Data? The first mention of Big data was in 1997 when NASA scientists, Michael Cox and David Ellsworth stated that the visualisation of some scientific problems (specifically fluid and gas dynamics) poses[…]

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SEO In Ireland

SEO Services In Ireland

A closer look at SEO in Ireland – The Good, the Spammy, and the Leprechauns… Ireland is somewhat unique in the context of Digital Marketing. The population is small (just 4 million +), the economy[…]

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The Ultimate SEO Checklist Guide

The SEO Check List Here you’ll find a comprehensive list of Search Engine Optimisation considerations for just about any website. The following covers fundamentals such as keyword research, title tags, duplicate content, site health issues[…]

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SEO - Content - Digital Marketing - AdWords - Landing Pages

Best Practices For Optimised Content

How to create unique, readable and search engine friendly articles. The following article offers best practices for content going on external websites. This should be especially useful for blogger outreach or content marketing, but many[…]

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Search Engine Optimisation and The Google Monopoly

SERP Keyword Tracking Tools

Need to Track Your Organic Search Engine Visibility? Google’s recent clamp down on non-compliance with their AdWords API terms & conditions, has seen SEO tool suite providers such as Raventools & – forced to drop[…]

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Google Spam

Using Google Trends

Google insights is now Google trends. This Google service offers interesting insights into changes and or comparisons between sets of search queries. Why use it? Well I often wondered if I should be using Online Marketing,[…]

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Google Juice

Spilling Your Google Juice

It’s great to have a site that naturally attracts good quality inbound links. This can because you’ve provided great content or something unique for visitors to engage with. The result of these back-links provides your[…]

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Facebook Mobile Strategy Insight

Here’s a great article relating to the recent news (September 2012) about the facebook stock-price drop. The article also contains interesting insights and comments from Mr. Z about  where they are headed with mobile technologies.[…]

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Google Penguin

Penguin on the prowl

Update: Google has announced a link disavow tool which supposedly addresses some of the points in the below discussion. Check it out here: I recently took on a client with the hope of salvaging something from[…]

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Buying Links

Link Acquisition

Linking building or Link acquisition is still for the time being; a staple function in gaining keyword search rankings and in turn, delivering traffic to a website. The moment the conversation turns to Link acquisition[…]

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Keyword Research

Keywords vs Keyword Phrases

Keyword research is the fundamental basis of a search engine marketing strategy. This counts for both organic search and search advertising (PPC or AdWords). The following offers insights into how to approach keyword research. A[…]

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Advanced SEO Considerations

A great attitude to have towards SEO for your site or your clients site is to never be satisfied. Always be analysing, always be researching, and always be proactive. The basic day to day fundamentals[…]

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Basic Quality Content Tips

A great SEO practise is ensuring your website has a blog constantly being updated with relevant, quality, colourful content. Think of your content as an upside down pyramid. The top first section of your blog[…]

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Search Engine Optimisation Checklist

On-Page SEO Top Tips

Top tips for site audits on-page SEO fundamentals. This counts as a great starting place to ensure that Google finds you, finds everything, finds it all easily and indexes it into natural search results. This[…]

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Links Links and More Links

Once upon a time building masses of links to a site would improve natural search rankings in Google without a hitch. It hasn’t been just that simple for quite some time. But links are still[…]

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