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Digital Marketing

We're running digital marketing & SEO campaigns that deliver real results. We're obsessed with connecting businesses with online audiences. From search engine optimisation to social media and app marketing and beyond. Whatever your audience does online - We can connect your business.

eCommerce Search Optimisation

One of our greatest passions is eCommerce. We specialise is optimising eCommerce websites for better search traffic. Whatever your niche audience, whatever the products, we know the search engine landscape and how to improve your search visibility.

Like An Agency,
But Not An Agency

Our services range from social media management, content marketing, eMail marketing, as well as our speciality in SEO & AdWords advertising. With years and years of applied expertise, we've moved away from the agency model, to provide better, hands-on, freelance style support services.

The truth be told:

AdWords is not just about low cost clicks...

Search engine optimisation is not just about programmed audits, and "great content"...

Social engagement is not just about sharing pictures of cats...

eMail marketing is not just about the subject line...

...There's more to Digital Marketing that gets the right results!

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Daily Digital Media DailyDigital.Media offers a number of services centered around Digital Marketing. Since 2013 we've been busy applying our expertise to online marketing campaigns, while also successfully building up our client-base in Dublin, Ireland.

DailyDigital.Media was founded by James Bullock who has worked at a number of UK and Irish marketing agencies. As a collective of digital marketing professionals, DailyDigital.Media is driven by exploring ways to reach online audiences. The DailyDigital.Media team has grown-up close to the evolution of computers and the internet that we now happily live and breathe ones and zeros.

Daily Digital Pty Ltd

Floor 2, College Green
Dublin 2 Ireland

Meet The Team...

James Bullock

James Bullock

Founder & Workaholic

James has been around technology from an early age courtesy of his father's acquisition of a Toshiba T3100 in 1986. This laptop computer with no hard drive and a horrible two-colour screen would cement an unrelenting passion for programming and hacking away at technology. After working in Sydney in product management and eventually moving to London and Dublin in various digital agency marketing roles, James started DailyDigital.Media to focus on business relationships, campaigns and projects.


Iveta Ivanova

Search & Social Marketing

Ivet is the powerhouse behind our best digital marketing campaigns. Originally from Bulgaria, and having also lived in Portugal; Ivet's solid grounding in outreach, content marketing, AdWords campaign management and social media advertising ensures our client's campaigns are running smoothly and effectively. While taking full advantage of her international commerce degree, it is Ivet's ability to tackle multi-channel campaigns attentively that produces the results our clients expect.

Antony Milne

Antony Milne

Digital Architect

Antony's ability to plan and manage projects is bolstered not only by a great degree in media & communication, but also a great enthusiasm for evaluating how people engage with search, social, display and content marketing. Antony's obsession with gadgets and technology may also contribute to his profound ability to go beyond client expectations in planning and delivering comprehensive digital marketing results.

Digital Marketing

We love search marketing, social engagement, and display advertising. We're seasoned experts in delivering engaged online audiences.

From Search Optimisation to Display & Beyond.

Our Digital Marketing services are designed especially to help small/medium businesses achieve increased conversions and improved visibility through search engines, social media, display advertising and beyond. We don't believe that if you simply build a website, that you are going to attract your target audience. That's where our long honed expertise has helped many businesses find their feet and win the race in an online world.

Part of the reason our clients are so happy is because we're skilled across all the main digital marketing channels:

  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Google AdWords - Search Network
  • Google Display Network
  • App Download Marketing & Advertising
  • Blog Content Management
  • Viral Content Marketing
  • In-App Display Advertising
  • Inbound Content Marketing
  • New Media Display Advertising
  • Social Media Audience Acquisition
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Re-Marketing ...and beyond
... and this puts us in the best position to give honest strategic advice.

Who's getting great digital marketing?

The Irish Times

We work closely with the Irish Times and their executive recruitment portal. For the Irish Times we manage their AdWords search advertising, and successfully grow online registrations, and job applications month on month.

Joe Duffy Motor Group

Ireland's largest car motor dealership network. More than 11 car franchises across Ireland, and some of the best search advertising & re-marketing ever. Period.

Cruise Paradise

Ireland's best cruise holiday specialist. More cruise ship holiday deals, and a legion of loyal customers. Constantly making us wish we were in the Caribbean.

MyClinic.ie Online Doctors

MyClinic offers online doctor and prescription services. MyClinic has been one of our favourite success stories, and a great example of where even the most well built website will always some off-page optimisation. The result? Fantastic 1st page rankings on Google Ireland.

The Outdoor Scene

Ireland's biggest outdoor lifestyle showroom. Because in Ireland, when the sun eventually shines, you need friends with a barbecue, and some rattan garden furniture.

Independent News & Media

Ireland's most trusted new media organisation. We've manage various auxiliary marketing campaigns for Ireland's most popular news website. We are exclusively charged with driving the app downloads for the various Irish Independent mobile news service products.

Mobile App Marketing

It's one thing to have a great App on the app store. It's another to have a huge audience of App users!

In-App-Display Advertising Works!

One of our favourite examples of finding the right audience in the right place: In-App advertising....
Both Google Play and the Apple App store are marketplaces growing in terms of the plethora of Apps available and the ever increasing audience of smartphone adopters. However, this marketplace highlights and promotes Apps based primarily on gross popularity only (downloads over time). Especially where Apps best serve niche audiences, it’s very easy for great Apps to miss out on potential downloads, while only listed in the depths of the available App stores. At the same time, popular Apps can struggle to retain engagement and a user base, despite gaining great initial traction with target audiences. In both cases, App advertising is an ideal solution to boost App downloads, as well as existing App user-engagement.

app advertising

Many of the most popular Apps available for smartphones offer in-App display advertising real estate. This is prime positioning to promote other Apps. The ability to display in-App advertising that promotes other Apps is provided by a mixture of available display networks, programmatic buying, and social media display options. Unlike display advertising of old, the in-App channel provides the ability to target users of other Apps who are most likely to be interested in and attracted to your App. This results in higher click-through-rates, higher conversions, and low inventory costs.

app targeting

Display Networks offer the broadest range of options for truly targeted advertising campaigns. Some Display Networks offer the ability to target online audiences who have recently activated their device, or users who have purchased specific Apps.

Example In-App Display Placements

  • Irish Independent News
  • New York Post
  • Daily Mail / MailOnline
  • Adverts App
  • XE Currency Exchange App
  • AccuWeather
  • Sky Sports
  • Alarm Clock Xtreme Free
  • Sudoko Free
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World News

Changing the world very soon!

Daily Digital News

One of our largest dev projects. Engine Room is a php web application for crawling and databasing web content.

Engine room includes a large scale php crawler and databasing system. It's lean, mean and it's algorithms have been custom built for the Daily Digital News project. We're confident Daily Digital News will make a big splash when it launches later in 2016.

Everything Awesome About Dublin

Rebel Dublin

Rebel Dublin is our special blog where we rant and rave about Dublin. From the things that make us love this city, to the things that make us drink pints of Guinness to cope with the truly bizarre. It's all in good humour, and then sometimes it's in bad humour. Stop by for a visit and you can decide for yourself.

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